Dynamic strategy workshops

Workshop-based consulting that delivers transformative goals, strategies, and planning for not-for-profit organisations

About you

You run a small but very impactful not-for-profit, community-based organisation, or social enterprise. You are quite possibly the founder, or if not, you bring that kind of passion to your job.

You are VERY busy, not only with the nitty-gritty tasks of running your organisation, but with the stressful responsibility of making sure there are resources to do so. You are always thinking about the next grant application, the next partnership opportunity…

And then there is your vision: you want to grow and scale because you believe in the mission. But you ALSO have the intention of improving your work life balance, and making things a little less uncertain and chaotic. You want to be able to rely on other people more.

You go through the motions, but you do not have the time, and the mental and emotional space, to set really clear goals, and develop the strategies and tools to achieve them. You might have a strategy document that you prepared for the board with the help of some fancy business consultants, but your staff tell you it’s not relevant anymore: the situation has already changed! That is of course if the business consultant ever really “got” you in the first place.

If this sounds familiar, I’m here to help!

About me: The journey to dynamic strategy workshops

Before starting Dynamic Strategy Workshops I spent 10 years working and consulting with big and small organisations in the non profit sector including World Vision, Oxfam, Global Reporting Initiative, PATH and Austin’s Volunteer Healthcare Clinic.

I love meetings and workshops. Whether you call them sit downs, circles, conferences, or powwows, getting together and hashing things out is as old as people. I love strategies and planning tools that really make life easier. I love thoughtful and efficient communication and collaboration. These things done well are the heart of any organisation’s success and they are my professional passion.

I am based in Sydney, Australia.

Luke Ringland, founder and principal consultant.

Workshop-based Consulting

Hybrid approach

Dynamic Strategy Workshops are a hybrid of workshop facilitation and traditional consulting. Your consultant will be part workshop facilitator, part advisor, and part team member doing their part. The purpose of this approach is for you and your team to achieve your goals with a sense of empowerment that does not leave you completely on your own.

Practical Tools

Dynamic strategy workshops will deliver a set of living and breathing tools that will really be used day to day, not long and impressive documents that sit on the shelf.


In the life of any small organisation, new ideas and opportunities constantly arise. Goals and strategies must be flexible to remain relevant. Everything you develop with your consultant will be designed to adapt to change.


How people feel about the journey really matters. Outcomes matter. The balance between them is critical to success. My approach will ask participants for introspection on getting this balance right.


Unresolved conflicts and tensions, or simply people not feeling invited to be open and honest with one another will lead to poor outcomes. My approach draws on Restorative Justice principles to strengthen team relationships, communication and cohesion.


Before any effective plan, strategy or partnership comes insight, understanding and clarity. What do the group participants know about their own organisation, the organisation they want to partner with or the problem they are trying to solve? What are the unknowns and assumptions? Without this clarity, outcomes do not reflect reality. Dynamic Strategy Workshop participants will be asked to reflect intuitively and emotionally, as well as intellectually, on the state of their organisation and its challenges; there may be some meditating involved!

Dynamic strategy workshops are perfect for organisations...

Seeking new goals, strategies and work plans
Implementing an existing strategy 
Undergoing a period of transition, change or restructure
Looking to build team cohesion
Wanting a clearer understanding of organisational stakeholders
Pursuing stronger and better partnerships
Planning for early stage investment
  • It has been incredibly helpful to have Luke as a steward of our visioning process, especially during such a difficult period of transitions in our organization. I'm so happy to say that when I look back at the strategic plan we created 18 months ago, we are right on track!

    Carmen Llanes Pulido, GAVA Executive Director


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